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The production process of alloy cored wire is explained in detail

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The production process of alloy cored wire is explained in detail

1. raw material selection

The preparation of alloy cored wire requires the selection of high-quality metal materials, commonly used materials are copper, nickel, titanium and other alloys. These materials have good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and plasticity, and are suitable for the preparation of high-quality alloy cored wire.


2. the preparation of alloy core-coated wire

The first step in the preparation of the alloy cored wire is to process the metal material into a fine wire and cool it by a radiator.


Roll the prepared fine wire into a coil, and inject protective gas between the coils to reduce the possibility of metal oxidation.


Put the coil into the furnace and sintering, so that the metal particles are combined into a solid, forming the main body of the alloy cored wire.

 the preparation of alloy core-coated wire

3. drawing treatment

Through continuous drawing and cooling process, the diameter of the prepared alloy core-wire is gradually reduced, while its hardness and strength are enhanced, and its electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance are improved.


4. polishing treatment

There will be some uneven defects on the surface of the alloy core-wire after drawing treatment, and it needs to be polished to make its surface smooth.


5. Final inspection and packaging

The prepared alloy core-wire needs to be inspected to check whether its size, hardness, strength and electrical conductivity are up to standard. After passing the test, it is classified and packaged to ensure its quality and application effect.


In summary, the production process of alloy cored wire includes the selection of raw materials, the preparation of alloy cored wire, drawing and polishing. These links are very critical, need great attention and careful operation, in order to prepare high-quality alloy cored wire, to provide a better choice for applications in various industries.

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