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Henan: Electric furnace steelmaking is no longer included in the

Date:2023-03-06 06:02:23 Click:361
Henan: Electric furnace steelmaking is no longer included in the

Recently, the Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the" Two High "Project Management Catalog in Henan Province (Revised in 2023)", which clearly stated that electric furnace short process steelmaking projects are no longer listed in the "Two High" catalog. This means that electric furnace steelmaking projects are no longer "one size fits all" with other steel projects in terms of financing, engineering projects, and other construction.

No.Product  Name Industry ClassificationIndustry  CodeContent

The first category: coal power, petrochemical, chemical, coal chemical, 

iron and steel (excluding short-process steelmaking projects and steel rolling processing projects), 

coking, building materials (non-metallic mineral products, excluding refractory projects), 

nonferrous (excluding copper, lead and zinc, aluminum, silicon and other non-ferrous metals recycled

 smelting and primary, recycled non-ferrous metal rolling processing projects) and other 8 industries 

with an annual comprehensive energy consumption of 50,000 tons of standard coal and above.

The second category: the following 19 sub-industries with an annual 

comprehensive energy consumption of 10,000-50,000 tons of standard coal projects


Blast furnace pig iron, direct reduced iron,

 molten reduced iron, pig iron for foundry, 

sintered iron ore, pelletized iron ore, etc


Non-alloy steel crude steel,

 low alloy steel crude steel, 

alloy steel crude steel

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