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Silicon metal balls

Date:2023-04-21 09:25:00 Click:269
Silicon metal balls

Application of metal silicon ball: With the development of science and technology, industry and daily life, the demand for steel is increasing, the quality requirements for steel are getting higher and higher, steel quality is developing in the direction of purification, ultra-purification, and the control of secondary element content is becoming more and more stringent, which is bound to put forward higher requirements for the quality of raw materials such as oxygen absorbers for steel. 

In the composite deoxidation alloy agent for steelmaking just now, the proportion of CaC2 is unreasonable, which seriously affects the utilization rate of products, increases production costs, pollutes the environment, and is not conducive to improving the economic benefits of enterprises. Compared with silicon metal ball, due to the previous amount of CaC2 of the oxygen absorber, a large amount of calcium carbide slag will be produced, resulting in poor submerged arc of molten steel, poor effect of removing inclusions, and in the use of some steel grades such as billet, it is easy to cause excessive deoxidation, forming solid inclusions with high melting point, thus affecting the waterability of molten steel and the quality of molten steel. Compared with the same metal silicon ball before CaC2 is a highly polluting product, the greater the amount added, the greater the pollution, and because of its higher price, more use also increases the production cost of steelmaking enterprises.

Metal silicon ball has good effect, high product utilization rate, low cost of steelmaking oxygen absorber. As a new type of deoxidizer for steelmaking, silicon metal ball can meet the smelting deoxidation needs of different steel types, reduce the amount of strong oxygen absorbers such as calcium silica barium and calcium silica aluminum barium, and reduce the cost of steel production2. About 0 yuan/ton, improve the yield of alloying elements 1. More than 5%, small fluctuation in composition, metal silicon ball not only reduces the cost, but also reduces the pollution to the environment.

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