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65 Silicon carbide production process

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65 Silicon carbide production process

65 Silicon carbide according to Q345 steel grade, in 150 tons of converter, 150 tons of ladle furnace smelting situation.

The entire smelting process is controlled as follows:

(1) converter blowing. Blowing end composition and temperature control.

(2) post-deoxidation slag alloying of converter. The order of adding auxiliary materials in the process of steel drawing: starting steel →65 silicon carbide → lime, refining slag → aluminum block → low phosphorus silicon manganese, high carbon ferromanganese, the amount of addition and the composition control after the furnace.

(3) refining deoxidation, slag desulfurization process. LF furnace molten steel to station oxygen → controlled bottom blowing argon 200-300NL /min, heating up for 3min→ Adding lime, 65 sic → heating → feeding aluminum wire → heating → alloying → heating → feeding aluminum wire → adjusting aluminum → calcium treatment → soft stirring.

 65 Silicon carbide production process

65 Summary of the effect of silicon carbide

① Reduce cost (deoxidizer and power consumption). The consumption of steel and aluminum per ton is reduced by 0.42kg, the cost of silicon carbide is removed, and the deoxidation cost is reduced by 4.5 yuan/ton of steel; Due to the good foaming effect of silicon carbide and the LF treatment process, the ladle top slag is fully submerged to the electrode, the arc utilization rate is high, the power consumption is reduced by 5KWH/ ton of steel, the power consumption is reduced by 3 yuan/ton of steel, and the total cost is reduced by 7.5 yuan/ton of steel.

② Improve the condition of refining slag. The use of silicon carbide deoxidation can effectively improve the condition of refined slag to the station, provide good conditions for refining white slag quickly, and the desulfurization effect is obvious. The average sulfur content in the final molten steel of the refining furnace is 0.0074%, and the desulfurization efficiency is 88.89%, which is conducive to the improvement of the quality of casting billet.

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