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Henan Chenggang Metal Materials Co., Ltd
It is a metal material manufacturer integrating production, sales, and export. We focus on the production of metal materials and are committed to providing high-quality metal material solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers.
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Henan Chenggang Metal Materials Co., Ltd
Our products
Silicon system - ferrosilicon, metallic silicon, high carbon silicon, calcium silicon, barium silicon, silicon carbide, substandard silicon, silicon balls, silicon slag
Manganese series - silicon manganese (high silicon silicon manganese, 65176014), ferromanganese (high carbon ferromanganese, medium carbon ferromanganese, low carbon ferromanganese), electrolytic manganese sheet, manganese ingot, manganese ball
Chromium series - ferrochrome, silicon chromium
Nitriding series - silicon iron nitride, silicon manganese nitride, chromium iron nitride, vanadium nitrogen alloy, manganese nitride sheet (powder), manganese nitride ball
Foundry series - inoculant, rare earth silicon magnesium (nodularizing agent), pipe mold powder
Others - cored wire, ferroboron, metallic calcium, metallic magnesium, coke, ferrophosphate, carburizing agent (GPC, CPC, calcination), nozzle
Henan Chenggang Metal Materials Co., Ltd
Strong equipment strength
The company has strong financial strength, complete production processes and equipment, and a complete quality assurance system. The product quality is stable and reliable. The products are mainly sold to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, South America, Europe, and other countries and regions to maintain long-term cooperative relations.

The company always adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity, innovation, mutual benefit, and win-win", and relies on word of mouth to win the support and trust of our customers.
Henan Chenggang Metal Materials Co., Ltd
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