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What is silicon aluminum barium calcium alloy?

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What is silicon aluminum barium calcium alloy?

Silicon aluminum barium calcium alloy is a good new deoxidizer in steelmaking, and has a good desulfurization and phosphorus capacity. In the refining of alloy steel and alloy, molybdenum is often associated with chromium, nickel, vanadium and other elements, so that the steel has a uniform crystalline structure, improve the strength of steel, elastic limit, wear resistance and impact strength and other properties. It has broad application prospect in steel smelting.


Silicon aluminum barium calcium alloy use

Silicon calcium barium aluminum is the deoxidizer and desulfurizer in barium alloy, so that the oxygen in steel is reduced to a low level, while the formation of complex oxides containing calcium, barium, silicon and aluminum are easy to float from the liquid steel, pure liquid steel, and improve the impact toughness and processing performance of steel.

High efficiency deoxidizer is an auxiliary material for steelmaking. It is suitable for deoxidation of various forms of steelmaking, especially for converter steelmaking deoxidation. It has strong deoxidation and desulphurization effect, can improve the flow performance of molten steel well, and solve the problem of nozzle nodulation. Reduce the gas in steel, reduce the inclusion of liquid steel.


Silicon aluminum barium calcium alloy peculiarity

Silica-aluminum-barium calcium is a common deoxidizer in steelmaking, which can not only reduce the oxygen content of steel, but also remove sulfur, phosphorus and other impurities in steel, and has the effect of purifying liquid steel and improving steel quality. However, silicon aluminum barium calcium in use also need to pay attention to, if not in accordance with the correct process of operation, not only can not achieve a good deoxidation effect, but also cause certain damage to the quality of steel.

 Silicon aluminum barium calcium alloy peculiarity

Silicon aluminum barium calcium alloy Production technology

The production process of silicon aluminum barium calcium is also very simple. Silica, bauxite and coke are mixed evenly and melted in the ore furnace to produce silicon aluminum alloy. CaO and coke are then added in batches to promote the formation of silica-calcium-aluminum. Then barium ore and coke are added in batches to promote the formation of silica-aluminum-barium-calcium alloy.


Through the reasonable application of silicon aluminum barium calcium, can improve the internal quality of molten steel and improve the fluidity of molten steel, improve the alloy yield, Si-Fe yield increased by 10-15%, and the effect is stable, the dosage of 0.6-1.5kg/ ton steel, general carbon steel after oxygen blowing, oxygen content in molten steel less than 80PPM, increase the dosage, improve the lining, It can also further reduce the oxygen content in the molten steel, while completing the deoxidation, there is a desulfurization capacity of 10-30%. Directly add the package before the steel, generally according to 0.6-1.5kg/ ton steel. 

Ferro manganese and ferrosilicon are routinely added when 1/4 of the steel is drawn. After the steel is produced, the carbon bonded steel is conventionally added to ferro manganese, the other alloy is not added, and the aluminum and the feed wire and the molten steel in the package only need to be blown and refined with nitrogen;

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