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What alloy is sulfur iron

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What alloy is sulfur iron

Sulfur iron is also known in the industry as sulfur, sulfur agent, the main component of sulfur iron is sulfur, through the screening of high-quality pyrite smelting through electric furnace, is widely used in steelmaking, casting and other metallurgical industry, although sulfur is a harmful element for the metallurgical industry, but if the lack of sulfur in iron and steel, cast iron will also affect the quality, in the case of a certain lack of sulfur should be used Adding sulfur element, in order to make the casting process to achieve a certain characteristic performance, it is necessary to put a certain proportion of sulfur iron in the smelting process, and then put a certain proportion of sulfur iron in the hot metal can effectively improve the inoculation effect.


Application field of sulfur iron

Ferro sulfide has been well used in steelmaking, because molten steel in high temperature environment will lose part of the sulfur, resulting in steel toughness and cutting performance decline, so it is necessary to put a certain amount of ferro sulfide to make up for the loss of part of the sulfur in molten steel, so as to restore its performance.

 Application field of sulfur iron

Casting process sulfur iron has the application of promoting the inoculation effect and improving the distribution form of graphite, and putting the proportion of sulfur iron into the hot metal can effectively improve the inoculation effect, promote the number of eutectic pellets, and improve the distribution form of graphite in the casting.


The role of sulfur iron

According to the use characteristics of steel, some steel needs to have a certain sulfur content. The traditional steelmaking production method is to sacrifice the good performance of strong deoxidation and pure purification of high alkalinity refining slag to artificially deteriorate the refining slag in the process of steelmaking, so as to obtain better sulfur enhancement performance.

 Then, sulfur and iron are added to the slag, and the sulfur enhancement performance of the deteriorating refining slag at this time is used to increase the sulfur content in the liquid steel. The steel produced by this method has high oxygen content and more inclusions. It seriously affects the purity of steel, but can ensure the stability of sulfur content in steel.


Since sulfur iron can significantly improve the cutting performance of steel, sulfur is usually added to the production of free-cutting steel such as ceramic steel, silicon steel and gear steel to improve the free-cutting performance of steel, and the amount of sulfur added is 0.08 ~ 0.2%. In order to increase the sulfur content in steel, it is achieved by adding sulfur iron in production. Sulfur iron is a method of pouring sulfur and molten iron into the ingot mold. The disadvantage of this method is that the sulfur yield is low, only about 20%. At the same time, it is easy to produce a large amount of sulfur vapor during the ingot casting process, resulting in environmental pollution.

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