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Silica-calcium alloy powder

Date:2023-11-02 02:25:57 Click:255
Silica-calcium alloy powder

Silicon calcium powder not only has strong deoxidation ability, deoxidation products are easy to float, easy to discharge, but also can improve the performance of steel, improve the plasticity of steel, impact toughness and fluidity. At present, silicon calcium powder can replace aluminum for final deoxidation. Applied to high quality steel. Special steel and special alloy production. For example, rail steel, low carbon steel, stainless steel and other steel grades and special alloys such as nickel base alloy and titanium base alloy, can be used as silicon calcium alloy as a deoxidizer.


Calcium silicate powder is also suitable for use as a warming agent in converter steel workshop, and can also be used as inoculant of cast iron and additive in ductile iron production.


Silica-calcium alloy powder is of great significance in many fields. Silica-calcium alloy powder has good mechanical properties and structural characteristics, which can improve structural strength, life and stability. In addition, due to the high thermal resistance and wear resistance of silica-calcium alloy powder, the risk of structural damage due to thermal expansion can be reduced, and the service life of the structure can be extended, and it is an ideal material for the preparation of a variety of functional powder materials. Therefore, the research and development of silica-calcium alloy powder is of great significance.

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