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Composition and application of ferro silicon slag

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Composition and application of ferro silicon slag

Composition of ferro silicon slag

Ferro silicon slag is a kind of slag produced in the process of iron making and casting, its main components include SiO2, FeO, Al2O3, CaO, MgO, etc., of which SiO2 content occupies a higher proportion, generally more than 45%, FeO content is also relatively high, generally about 20%. In addition, the ferro silicon slag also contains a small amount of other elements and oxides, such as TiO2, MnO and so on.


The role of ferro silicon slag

Iron and steel manufacturing: ferro silicon slag can be used in the process of iron and steel smelting desulfurization, deoxidation and other reactions. Ferro silicon slag can reduce iron oxide to FeO at high temperature, thus reducing the oxidizing substances in steel and improving the quality of steel.

 The role of ferro silicon slag

The application of ferro silicon slag in high-carbon ferro chrome smelting (ferro alloy plant) in the smelting of high-carbon ferro chrome with a small amount of 75% ferro silicon slag, can play a role in improving the furnace temperature, promoting the smelting reaction, reducing the sulfur content of products, and has a good production effect.


Ferro silicon slag contains valence elements silicon, silicon carbide and manganese, is the main elements of smelting silicon manganese alloy, can be used as smelting silicon manganese alloy charge. Smelting silicon manganese alloy with ferro silicon slag not only reduces the production of raw materials, silica, coke, but also saves power.

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