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Application of spheroidizing agent

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Application of spheroidizing agent

Affinity of spheroidized elements with sulfur, oxygen and other elements in hot metal. Strong affinity, silica carbide action, and form compounds with it, as foreign in the solidification process of liquid iron, such as rare earth, magnesium, calcium and other spheroidizing elements.


The ability of spheroidizing elements to change the shape of graphite from sheet to spherical. The specific range of standards should be tailored to their own products. Too low to meet the requirements of the spheroidization process, resulting in spheroidization. Too high is easy to backfire, resulting in poor spheroidization, iron night supercooling degree, white mouth and shrinkage tendency to increase.


Spheroidizing agents are certain metals or alloys added to liquid iron in order to obtain spheroidal graphite cast iron. An additive that crystallizes graphite in cast iron into pellets is called spheroidizing agent. The main component of nodulating agent is nodulating element, silicon carbon powder, such as Mg, Ce, Ca and so on. Spherical graphite in nodular cast iron is cast iron liquid after spheroidization treatment, so that its strength is much higher than gray cast iron, toughness is better than malleable cast iron, but also to maintain a series of advantages of gray cast iron.


Strong spheroidizing ability, reduce the amount of residual magnesium required to ensure the spheroidization of graphite, can deal with subcrystalline products and over-eutectic components, silicon carbon powder price, high sulfur content and slightly lower temperature of hot metal, eliminate the harmful effect of interfering with rare earth magnesium spheroidizing agent spheroidizing elements, for the production of ductile iron pipe is a widely used spheroidizing agent, to adapt to the current domestic melting conditions.

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