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What is ferro vanadium nitride

Date:2023-10-20 08:01:38 Click:296
What is ferro vanadium nitride

1, the basic characteristics of ferro vanadium nitride: ferro vanadium nitride is mainly composed of vanadium, nitrogen, iron, containing two metals, is a true sense of vanadium nitrogen alloy. 

The product density can reach more than 5.2G/CM3, and the ratio of vanadium and nitrogen can reach 4.13, which is closer to the ideal ratio of vanadium and nitrogen 3.64 compared with vanadium nitride 5.5, after the application of many large iron and steel enterprises in China, the addition of tons of steel is 0.5-0.7KG, which can save 12.5% of vanadium resources, compared with the addition of iron vanadium, the amount of vanadium can be reduced by 50%.


2, the main use of ferro vanadium nitride: ferro vanadium nitride through refining grain and precipitation strengthening, greatly improve the strength of steel and improve the toughness of steel and other comprehensive characteristics; The steel bar added with vanadium ferro nitride has the characteristics of low cost, stable performance, small strength fluctuation, cold bending, excellent welding performance and basically no aging. 

The addition of vanadium ferro nitride does not need to change the current production process of second-grade rebar in domestic iron and steel enterprises, and has no special requirements for temperature control and rolling control. It is especially suitable for Chinese iron and steel enterprises to rapidly realize the upgrading of rebar products from grade II to grade III, grade IV and even grade V rebar under the existing production equipment and process conditions.

 Fe-vanadium nitride is also widely used in thin slab continuous casting and rolling high-strength strip steel, non-tempered steel, high-strength H-shaped steel, high-speed tool steel, high-strength pipeline steel and other products, which is an economic and effective way to improve the strength of steel and improve the toughness and other comprehensive properties of steel through micro-alloying.

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