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Silicon-calcium-manganese deoxidizer

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Silicon-calcium-manganese deoxidizer

The main component of silicon-calcium-manganese deoxidizer is an alloy composed of silicon, calcium, manganese and other elements. Among them, silicon and calcium can effectively reduce the melting point of the alloy and improve its wettability, which is conducive to the deoxidation reaction. Manganese can increase the strength and stability of the alloy and reduce the sintering and caking phenomenon of the alloy.


When choosing silicon calcium manganese deoxidizer, the specific product model and dosage should be determined according to the specific production process and raw material situation. In general, the composition and dosage of deoxidizer should be determined according to the composition, melting point, wettability and other factors of the metal base material. In addition, it is also necessary to consider the size of the deoxidizer, hardness, ease of use and other factors.


Product advantage

Silica-calcium-manganese deoxidizer has the following advantages:

1. Efficient deoxidation: silicon calcium manganese deoxidizer can effectively remove oxygen in metal matrix materials, improve its purity and quality.

2. Strong adaptability: silicon calcium manganese deoxidizer can be applied to a variety of metal matrix materials, such as steel, iron, aluminum alloy and so on.

3. Improve production efficiency: The use of silica-calcium-manganese deoxidizer can reduce energy consumption and material consumption in the production process and improve production efficiency.

4. Environmental safety: silicon calcium manganese deoxidizer will not produce toxic and harmful substances in the process of use, harmless to the environment and human health.


Silica-calcium-manganese deoxidizer is mainly used in the following scenarios:

1. Steel industry: In steel production, the use of silicon calcium manganese deoxidizer can reduce the oxygen content in steel and improve the quality and purity of steel.

2. Casting industry: In the casting process, the use of silica-calcium-manganese deoxidizer can remove oxides and other impurities in liquid metal and improve the quality and stability of castings.

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