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Preparation method of silicon-aluminum deoxidizer

Date:2023-08-23 08:41:46 Click:161
Preparation method of silicon-aluminum deoxidizer

Silicon aluminum deoxidizer is a kind of intermediate alloy deoxidizer used in steelmaking with strong deoxidizing performance, low production cost and wide applicability.

Silicon aluminum deoxidizer includes the following components, melted by weight to form silicon 40-60%, aluminum 3-5%, phosphorus ≤ 0.05%, sulfur ≤ 0.1%.

The preparation method of silicon and aluminum deoxidizer is the processing process of steel mixing - melting - slag removal - ingot casting - assay - composition adjustment - remelting - input aluminum ingot - stirring - slag removal - inoculation - pouring into blocks. When the composition of the equipped steel material is relatively determined, the remelting process can be avoided, and the preparation method is to mix steel material - melting - putting aluminum ingot - stirring - slag removal - inoculation - pouring into blocks.

The steel material used in the preparation of silica-aluminum deoxidizer can be scrap steel with an appropriate amount of ferrosilicon added, and the scrap steel should be treated with shot blasting and rust removal before melting.

The positive effect of silica-aluminum deoxidizer is that 

1, because the silicon content of silica-aluminum deoxidizer is more than 40%, it has a strong deoxidation effect, and the deoxidizer does not contain manganese and other elements, and has wide applicability; 

2, the proportion of silicon aluminum deoxidizer is large, put into the liquid steel is easy to enter the liquid steel and oxidation, so that the liquid steel is fully deoxidized, the deoxidizer utilization rate is high 

3, compared with pure aluminum, the production cost is greatly reduced, and the use of scrap steel can further reduce the cost; 

4, the silicon content is high, the deoxidizer has strong fluidity when pouring and forming, and the filling performance is good; 

5, the use of remelting process in the preparation process can adjust the composition of aluminum, iron and silicon intermediate alloy to ensure that the determination of its chemical composition is reliable, avoid mixing harmful elements and other inclusions 

6, before the oven with inoculant inoculation, so that it is not easy to powder; 

7, silicon aluminum deoxidizer can also be used in the production of non-ferrous alloy composition adjustment agent.

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