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Carbon alloy cored wire product introduction

Date:2023-08-16 02:32:15 Click:216
Carbon alloy cored wire product introduction

The use of carbon alloy core-wire is mainly to deoxidize and desulphurize molten steel or hot metal outside the furnace, micro-alloying, fine-tuning of composition and metamorphic treatment of inclusions. It is beneficial to control the carbon content of molten steel and reduce the production cost.

 Carbon alloy core wire product introduction

Carbon coated core wire is high-quality carbon powder as the core, and then in the use of cold-rolled steel strip as the surface of the wire using professional pressing equipment pressed molding, carbon coated core wire has the advantage of customizable content index, is widely used in steel carburization, casting gestation graphitization treatment process, carbon coated core wire is gradually moving to major steelmaking and foundry. Compared with the traditional coke and scrap carburizing, the carbon cored wire has a lower cost, and can reach a predetermined depth to carry out a good carburizing reaction.


Product characteristics

1, the carbon yield is greater than 90%, and stable.

2, reduce the production cost, which is lower than the current use of toner core-coated wire.

3, the product storage time is extended.

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