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What is the production process of medium carbon ferro manganese?

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What is the production process of medium carbon ferro manganese?

Medium carbon ferromanganese is an iron alloy product, its main components are manganese, iron and carbon. It plays an important role in the steel production process, because it can add the appropriate manganese content, so that the steel has excellent properties such as fatigue resistance, wear resistance and hardness. The following will introduce the production process and processing technology of medium carbon ferromanganese.


1. Production process of medium carbon ferromanganese

The main raw materials for the preparation of medium carbon ferromanganese are manganese ore and blast furnace pig iron. In general, the manganese content of medium carbon ferromanganese is between 65% and 85%. Starting from the raw material, the production process of medium carbon ferromanganese can be divided into the following steps:


Step 1: Pretreat

Manganese ore and pig iron need to be crushed and screened to ensure low impurities and uniform particle size. This helps to improve melting efficiency and yield.


Step 2: Melt

Manganese ore and pig iron are melted by blast furnace or electric furnace to produce alloy liquid steel. In the smelting process, it is also necessary to add an appropriate amount of auxiliary agents such as coke, limestone, silica ash and silicon manganese to accelerate the melting speed and increase the melting temperature.


Step 3: Pouring

After the smelting is completed, the alloy liquid molten steel needs to be poured into the mold for cooling to form a solid medium carbon ferromanganese block. The resulting medium carbon ferromanganese blocks are polished and classified to obtain products of different specifications.

 Production process of medium carbon ferromanganese

2. Processing technology of medium carbon ferromanganese

Medium carbon ferromanganese usually requires some processing processes to make parts and products of different shapes.


Step 1: Preparation before processing

Before processing, the surface treatment of medium carbon ferromanganese is required. First, the desired shape and size are obtained by grinding or casting. Then, the mechanical properties, wear resistance and corrosion resistance are improved by heat treatment and surface treatment.


Step 2: Machining

Milling, turning, planing, drilling and grinding are mainly used in the processing of medium carbon ferromanganese. In the cutting and drilling process, the cutting rate and feed rate should be appropriately reduced by using the tool or drill to prevent the tool from sticking or the bit from breaking. In the milling and grinding process, the cutting liquid is used to cool the cutting to maintain the stability and surface quality of the cutting.


Step 3: Post-processing

After processing of medium carbon ferromanganese, surface treatment is also required. Common methods include heat treatment, chemical treatment and electroplating treatment. Through these processes, the hardness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance of medium carbon ferromanganese can be improved, and its service life and corresponding mechanical properties can be improved.


Summary: The wholesale price of medium carbon ferro manganese is an important ferroalloy product, which plays a huge role in steel production and machining. The process of preparation of carbon ferromanganese requires several steps and process operations, while the process of carbon ferromanganese requires the selection of appropriate processing methods and surface treatment processes.

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