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What is alloy silicon aluminum ball

Date:2023-09-07 02:30:05 Click:174
What is alloy silicon aluminum ball

Silicon aluminum ball is a kind of spherical particle material with aluminum spines on the surface, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation performance. It has been widely used in thermal insulation annealing in the melting and casting industry, as well as thermal insulation equipment in ceramic, glass, chemical, electric power and other industries. The applicable temperature is 1400℃ ~ 1480℃, and the energy saving rate is more than 13%. It can replace the traditional insulation materials such as rock wool and asbestos, which are highly polluting, and has the effect of improving working conditions and protecting the environment.


Aluminum balls contain more than 30% of active metal aluminum and about 25% of metal silicon, which is a high-quality metallurgical auxiliary material used in converter steelmaking and secondary refining. The metal aluminum in the silicon aluminum alloy ball is beneficial to reduce the oxidation of slag and molten steel, and has strong reducibility, long retention time of white slag, good foaming degree, prevent the oxidation of metal alloy elements, improve the alloy recovery rate, the recovery rate of continuous casting, the casting of continuous casting will not cause nodules, can effectively remove non-metallic inclusions in steel, so that the cleanliness of steel is improved. The quality of continuous casting billet and the yield of rolled steel were improved.

 What is alloy silicon aluminum ball

Silicon-aluminum ball can replace silica-calcium barium and silica-aluminum barium, which play an important role in changing the distribution of debris in steel, refining grains, improving the processing performance of steel and improving the quality of steel. The effect of using silicon aluminum alloy ball is more significant than that of using single alloy such as aluminum block and ferrosilicon alone. It has better economic benefits to improve the alloy recovery rate and reduce the cost of steelmaking.

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