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Casting deoxidizer calcium silicate barium

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Casting deoxidizer calcium silicate barium

Casting deoxidizer silicon barium calcium is a chemical used in the metallurgical industry, it can be used as a deoxidizer, can also be used as an alloy additive, its main role is to speed up the chemical reaction in the casting process, reduce oxygen content and improve the quality and performance of the alloy.

First, the main characteristics of silicon barium calcium

1. Fast reaction: silicon barium calcium can be quickly deoxidized, which can effectively reduce the oxygen content in the alloy in a short time.

2. Can reduce metal oxidation: calcium silicate barium also has the effect of removing metal oxidation, which can improve the surface finish of the alloy and the quality of the casting.

3. Good stability: silicon barium calcium has a certain chemical stability, can maintain its reaction performance at high temperatures for a long time, so that it plays a better role in the casting process

4. Can adjust the alloy composition: silicon barium calcium as an alloy additive, can adjust the alloy composition to achieve better performance

what is Casting deoxidizer calcium silicate barium

Second, the manufacturing process of silicon calcium

Silicon barium calcium manufacturing has a high technical content, generally divided into two stages. In the first stage, raw materials such as lead oxide, barium and silicon powder are mixed in a certain proportion, and then a certain amount of important additives such as potassium magnesium alloy and aluminum magnesium mixture are added, and after mixing evenly, the reduction reaction of raw materials is carried out to obtain silicon-barium alloy.

The second stage is to process the silica-barium alloy, grind it into a fine powder, add a certain amount of carbon black as an active agent, and finally compress it into the required silica-barium calcium lump. The whole manufacturing process needs to be carried out under high temperature and pressure environment, which has high technical difficulty and cost.


Third, the application of silicon barium calcium in the casting industry

As a very important casting deoxidizer and alloy additive, silica-barium calcium is widely used in industrial production. Its main application areas include automotive parts, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, electronic equipment and other industries. Specifically, silicon barium calcium can be used to manufacture high-performance cast aluminum alloy, cast iron alloy, cast steel and other alloys, which has a good effect in improving alloy properties and reducing production costs.

 Casting deoxidizer calcium silicate barium

In short, casting deoxidizer calcium silicate barium is a very useful chemical substance, which has a wide range of application prospects in the metallurgical industry. With the continuous development of the economy and the continuous improvement of industrial manufacturing, the market demand for silicon barium calcium will be more and more large, so I believe that silicon barium calcium manufacturing technology will continue to improve and improve.

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