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How to choose silicon deoxidizer

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How to choose silicon deoxidizer

Si-Al-Ca Alloy

(1) Silicon-calcium-aluminum alloy is a better deoxidizer and desulfurizer in calcium-based alloys. The oxygen in the steel is reduced, and the complex oxides containing calcium, silicon, and aluminum formed at the same time are easy to float from the molten steel, purifying the molten steel, and improving the impact resistance toughness and processing performance of the steel.

(2) Performance

1. Mainly used for deoxidation, degassing and fixing sulfur of molten steel. The addition of silicon aluminum calcium to molten steel produces a strong exothermic effect. Calcium turns into calcium vapor in molten steel, which has a stirring effect on molten steel and is beneficial to the floating of non-metallic inclusions.

2. After the silicon-aluminum-calcium alloy is deoxidized, non-metallic inclusions with large particles and easy to float are produced, and the shape and properties of non-metallic inclusions are also changed. Therefore, silicon-aluminum-calcium alloy is used to produce clean steel, high-quality steel with low oxygen and sulfur content, and special performance steel with extremely low oxygen and sulfur content.

3. The addition of silicon-aluminum-calcium alloy can eliminate the problems of nodules in the ladle nozzle of steel using aluminum as the final deoxidizer and clogging of the nozzle of the tundish of continuous casting steel and ironmaking.

 Si-Al-Ca Alloy

Silicon calcium manganese deoxidizer

(1) Conventional Al-containing deoxidizers include metal aluminum, silicon aluminum iron, silicon aluminum barium, etc., and their prices are generally high. In order to reduce the cost of deoxidizer, our factory has successfully developed silicon calcium manganese deoxidizer. The main function of the deoxidizer is to deoxidize and increase temperature; manganese can increase the manganese content in molten steel and reduce the consumption of silicon-manganese alloy. Therefore, the silicon-calcium-manganese deoxidizer is an ideal composite deoxidizer in the steelmaking industry, which can deoxidize, desulfurize and increase manganese. the

(2) Physical and chemical indicators:

Si ≥ 20, Ca ≥ 27, Mn ≥ 5, Al ≥ 1.5

(3) Performance

1. The deoxidizer has good deoxidation and desulfurization effects, which can meet the final deoxidation and desulfurization requirements of ordinary steel, low carbon steel and stainless steel.

2. For low-alloy steels such as 16Mn and 20Mnsi, add 1-2Kg/ton of this deoxidizer into the ladle before tapping, which can purify the molten steel well. It has a more significant purification effect on steel types that use aluminum, rare earth deoxidizers, titanium, vanadium, etc. as alloying agents.

3. Improve the fluidity of steel slag and prevent nodulation at the tundish nozzle.

4. After forming slag, the slag has a low melting point and moderate viscosity, which has a significant protective effect on the film and improves the surface quality of the steel ingot.

5. This product can be added to the ladle together with scrap steel, which can reduce the oxidation of molten steel and increase the temperature of molten steel, thereby increasing production.

 Silicon calcium manganese deoxidizer

Silicon aluminum alloy deoxidizer

(1) Silicon-aluminum alloy deoxidizer is a commonly used deoxidizer, which can give full play to the deoxidation effect of strong deoxidizer. By changing the composition of deoxidized products, we can create more favorable floating conditions for inclusions, thereby improving the fluidity of molten steel and improving the purity of molten steel.

(2) Physical and chemical indicators:

Si≥15, Al≥30

(3) Performance

1. The amount of carbon steel Q195 and Q235 tons added is about 1.5KG.

2. The deoxidizer has a high density, does not cause deoxidized aluminum floating and slag coating, and can completely sink in molten steel.

4. The deoxidizer can not only give full play to the role of strong deoxidation ability, but also create more favorable floating conditions for the precipitation of inclusions by changing the composition of deoxidation products, thereby improving the fluidity of molten steel and the purity of molten steel.

Silicon aluminum alloy deoxidizer

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